Sunday, 4 March 2012

The start of Fennel

Fennel will be a lesson planning web application written for teachers. The project serves two purposes: the first is to make lesson planning easier for teachers and the second is to give me a chance to play around with technologies and techniques that I haven’t had a chance of using yet.

I’m going to include my technology choices on a separate page so I can keep a log of my decisions as I move along. I’ll probably add this the BitBucket wiki for my mercurial repo. I’ll include links on the Projects Page of this blog.

The first step will be to develop a complete slice through the application so I can get the surrounding infrastructure working. So I have chosen to create some of the Settings functionality which includes changing your name, adding subjects and adding classes. A nice easy place to start with but it should get a lot of boiler plate code in-place.

This first slice should include:

  • OpenID Login
  • User creation
  • Backbone framework
  • Data access via a http web service
  • Caching static data in local storage (both subjects and classes seem like good candidates)
  • Persist into RavenDB

Let the coding and Ritz cracker eating commence.


  1. Why did you choose RavenDB?

    1. Hi Ginil, I had been meaning to try out a NoSQL database for a while and a document database seemed to fit more of my use cases rather than column of graph database. I specifically choose Raven after listening to Oren Eini on the .NET Rocks podcast. I found the use of Lucene for indexing and it's familiar LINQ interface interesting and I just went on from there really.